10th (Irish) Division

10th (Irish) Division

The 10th (Irish) Division was not part of the regular, pre-War army, but was made up of new recruits after a call for men made by Lord Kitchener, Secretary of State for War. It recruited men from across Ireland (and beyond) and was trained at the Curragh during the autumn and winter of 1914. It was then moved to England prior to departure for Gallipoli to take part in the August offensive. The 10th (Irish) Division would stay at Gallipoli for less than two months but would see some intense fighting at the Suvla Bay section. 

The diary of the 10th (Irish) Division comes via the Imperial War Museum. 

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  1. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    7 August

    6th Dublin Fusiliers: Made landing at 06.00 on C Beach on Anafarta Bay. Battalion in reserve under Brig. Gen. Hill. Took up position at entrance to Salt Lake. 6th and 7th Dublins attached to 31st Brigade.

  2. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    8 August

    6th Dublin Fusiliers: Battalion on water and ammunition fatigue for the Brigade.

  3. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    9 August

    6th Dublin Fusiliers: Battalion attached to 33rd Brigade (General Maxwell). Moved from beach around 02.20 to Hill 50. A Coy detached to support the right flank of the Brigade. Battalion ordered to support firing line Ali Bay Chesme point 105-H-8. Officers killed Lt Doyle. Wounded believed killed Lt Stanton and 2Lt McGarry. Wounded and missing Major Jennings. Wounded Capt Luke, Capt Carroll, Lt Martin, 2Lt Carter, 2Lt Mortimer, 2Lt O’Carroll. Missing Lt Clery. Killed, missing, wounded other ranks 259.

  4. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    10 August

    31 Brigade, 6th and 7th Dublin Fusiliers: The 53rd Div made an attack on Hill 70 but without success. 

  5. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    12 August

    7th Dublin Fusiliers: Hill 53 – The Battalion held the Hill (which was found to have been well entrenched by the Turks). Casualties – 5 caused by shrapnel and snipers.

  6. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    13 August

    31 Brigade, 6th and 7th Dublin Fusiliers: Positions consolidated – During these days the troops suffered dreadfully from a lack of water. The heat was very trying and every drop of water had to be brought up from the beach by Mule convoy or manhandled up from a tank placed on the shore W of Karokol Dagh by a destroyer and which gave a very limited supply. The flies and dust are also very trying & diarrhoea & dysentery made its appearance.  In spite of these drawbacks the men behaved and worked cheerfully and their discipline was excellent. 

  7. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    14 August

    5th Munster Fusiliers: Continued strengthening of our trenches. At about 16.30 enemy shelled our right but no casualties resulted. Two men on our observation post to the front were hit. The night passed quietly.

  8. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    15 August

    6th Leinster Regiment: 150 men Inlying Piquet. 50 men in trenches learning to snipe. 

  9. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    16 August

    6th Royal Irish Fusiliers: Enemy opened rapid rifle fire and followed same with a bombardment of hand grenades and bombs causing Btn to retreat and take up stronger position 50 yards in rear. Casualties very heavy. Fighting lasted till about 9am. Btn returned to support trenches having lost 10 officers and 210 other ranks. 

  10. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    17 August

    31 Brigade, 6th and 7th Dublin Fusiliers:  Units of the 54 Div took over portions of the line. The 32st Inf Bde was placed in reserve at Karokol Dagh – the strength of the Bde now being 26 officers and 1900 R & F. The 6th Irish  Fusiliers have suffered the heaviest casualties having a fighting strength of only 1 officer and some 250 men.

  11. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    18 August

    6th Royal Irish Fusiliers: Resting.

  12. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    19 August

    31st Field Ambulance: 48 casualties passed through the unit.

  13. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    20 August

    5th Irish Fusiliers: Some shelling, the enemy clearly trying to reach the crest side of the ridge but no casualties. Proceeded with the reorganisation of the Battalion which has suffered very severely since we landed, most of my officers and NCOs having been killed or wounded and our own strength is now only 4 officers and 537 men after having received our first reinforcements from Mudros. 

  14. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    21 August

    31 Brigade, 6th and 7th Dublin Fusiliers: Orders to move to Hill 10 & to form up under cover in rear of Howitzer Batts. Brig General Hill knocked over with dysentery and obliged to relinquish command.

  15. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    22 August

    5th Irish Regiment: 50 men on water fatigues at A beach, 1 officer and 10 men sinking wells, 1 officer and 30 men detached from Reg to form permanent Pioneer party and Guard for HQs 10th Division. Trenches manned and outposts furnished as usual. 

  16. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    23 August

    30th Field Ambulance: Sent off stretcher squads under an officer to bring in some wounded reported. Sent 4 officers to make themselves acquainted with regimental first aid posts. At 6.30 am telephoned ADMS reporting position of dressing station pointing out it was in main communication trench and shuttered from fire. Admitted 3 OR sick, and evacuated 3 OR sick.

  17. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    24 August

    5th Irish Regiment: Work on permanent defence line continued. Trenches manned and outposts furnished during night. 

  18. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    25 August

    6th Royal Irish Rifles: 2 men killed and 8 wounded by snipers and shrapnel. Continued digging. 

  19. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    26 August

    6th Dublin Fusiliers: Improved trenches using limited supply of sandbags.

  20. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    27 August

    7th Munster Fusiliers: 3 saps were thrown forward. 1 to Lindsay Cottage, 2 from centre to line to about 150x to front (Carlyle Sap), 3 from Powell Cottage to about 150x. 

  21. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    28 August

    5th Leinster Battalion: A coy digging road from midnight to 04.00. 8 men t hospital. A coy digging road from 20.00 to 24.00.

  22. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    29 August

    6th Royal Irish Rifles: Continued work on forward trench. Brigadier General Kenna VC badly wounded close to the right of our line. He died an hour after reaching the (31st) Ambulance.

  23. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    30 August

    6th Dublin Fusiliers: Continued work on forward trench. Batt continued improving line. 3 good wells close to line. Batt moved to 105-R-6/8 to the left of 6th Munster Fusiliers having 5th RI Fus on right. 

  24. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    31 August

    7th Dublin Fusiliers: Battalion remained in trenches. Strength now being 5 officers and 469 other ranks. 

  25. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    1 September

    6th Dublin Fusiliers: Improved trenches, started sapping out towards forward trench being dug by 6th Munsters. Buried several bodies in front of our lines. Many others still lying about. Several rifles and sets of equipment brought in.

  26. 10th (Irish) Division


    2 September

    7th Munster Fusiliers: Lieut AM Eynaud, King’s Malta Regt joined and was put in C Coy.

  27. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    3 September

    5th Royal Irish Fusiliers: Situation quiet. Very little movement by the enemy.

  28. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    4 September

    7th Munster Fusiliers: Batt relieved by Hereford Yeom and moved to Lalababa. Casualties: Killed 2, wounded 5. 

  29. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    5 September

    6th Dublin Fusiliers: Battalion relieved by 6th Inniskilling Fusiliers, and one coy of Cheshieres at 5.00pm.

  30. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    6 September

    7th Dublin Fusiliers: Remain in dugouts at Chocolate Hill. Casualties: 1 other rank killed.

  31. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    7 September

    5th Royal Irish Fusiliers: Heavyish shelling at 08.45 this morning on trenches and Regt HQ lasting about one hour. Ordered to move to Chocolate Hill on relief by the 6th Bn R Ir Fusiliers. Relief carried out by 19.30.

  32. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    8 September

    6th Leinster: All Coys of Bn placed under Base Anzac for fatigues. MG Section to remain at Russells Top. Beach fatigue parties to North Beach every four hours. 7 men to hospital. 

  33. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    9 September

    6th Inniskillings: Day and night quiet. Working party 300 dug from trench connecting advanced trench made by this unit to Maxwell’s sap and communication trench back to main line of trench. No enemy action.

  34. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    10 September

    7th Dublin Fusiliers: 2/Lieut Angus Graham reported his arrival and was taken on strength.

  35. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    11 September

    5th Inniskillings: C Coy occupied trench and continued improvements. Gen King on his tour of inspection around further improvement of trench. 

  36. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    12 September

    7th Munster Fusiliers: Improvement of reserve trenches. Reconnoitred fire trenches with view to relief on the 13th. 

  37. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    13 September

    7th Dublin Fusiliers: Heavy shellfire caused casualties. Medical Officer wounded. Other ranks: 5 killed, 20 wounded. 

  38. 10th (Irish) Division

    10th (Irish) Division

    14 September

    5th Royal Irish Fusiliers: Interment shell fire throughout the day. Some shells coming very near to Regt HQ. Went round with Bd Gen King. 2 Coy detailed to dig new fire trench as previously designed. Visited this wok in the afternoon and again in the evening at 21.00 when the Coys were at work.